Student Testimonials

John Nicholas Peters is without a doubt the finest voice teacher I have ever worked with. I originally intended to go in for a one-time session to study some warm-up techniques, but after experiencing the amazing benefits from just one lesson, I ended up working with him for 3 years because I didn't want to miss the opportunity to learn from a master teacher. He is honest, up-front, and deeply knowledgeable about the inner workings of the human voice. Despite not having had the opportunity to study with him since I moved to Los Angeles, the techniques he taught me have nonetheless maintained my voice extremely well through the rigours of recording and touring nationally which, I believe is the true test of a voice teacher's expertise. John has an uncanny ability to sense what each individual student needs both from a physiological and psychological standpoint and adjust their lessons accordingly, even to the point that I must also credit him for being the person who first encouraged me to pursue a career in comedy. I would recommend that any singer who is serious about reaching their fullest potential study with him.

-Dan Avidan
YouTube Star, Lead Singer of Ninja Sex Party

I have been involved in the professional music world for over 20 years as a singer, guitarist, composer and record producer and have collaborated on various projects with such artists as Timbaland (multi-platinum album), Mindless Behavior (BET Best New Artist), Tri-ni-tee 5:7, M$ney, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Rihanna, Tony Braxton and Beyonce. I have also composed a large catalog of music for TV and film, including being the composer and producer of the theme song for Golden Globe winner Brooklyn 99. I am currently producing two other artists and just completed an east coast tour.

My years of vocal study with John Nicholas Peters have helped me tremendously as both an artist and producer. His expertise was important in finding my own voice and I in turn am able to help others refine their craft in the studio. John has my full respect as he himself is also a performer as well as a teacher. John, I couldn't have done it without you!

-Frank Greenfield, aka ‘DeVille’
2-Time Grammy nominee, 2008 GMA/Dove Urban Song of the Year award winner

At various times in my career I have worked as a dancer, actress, singer, choreographer and director. I have a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of the Arts and I performed, directed and choreographed in the Philadelphia area for many years. I am also a member of Actor’s Equity Association. I took some time off from Theater to raise my family, but I sing professionally at many churches and recently started singing lead in a rock band.

I began training with John Nicholas Peters hoping that I could expand my range, especially for rock and pop, as it had been 18 years since I had formally studied voice. Since I started working with John, the most noticeable improvements in my voice have been in stamina, strength and power. I feel so much more vocally healthy! I recently performed a one-woman Cabaret at Mazeppa Productions' Theater in which I sang 14 songs ranging from classic Rock to legit soprano show tunes - all without any vocal fatigue whatsoever. I can routinely rehearse for 3 hrs at a time with my rock band belting out Blondie or Joan Jett and then sing a church gig the next morning without any issues of fatigue or loss of control of high notes. John’s techniques and exercises have absolutely helped me maintain my voice and I now feel totally confident to tackle any project in any vocal style that comes my way. I have been singing professionally for over 20 years but John has helped me reach another level.

-Deirdre Finnegan
- Singer, dancer, actress, choreographer, director, AEA Member

John Nicholas Peters has forever spoiled me: The most brilliant vocal coach/instructor/technician a singer could ever want. I learned more from my short time with him than I ever did in years of training. He not only got me to think outside of the box when it comes to how I use my voice, but he got me to ‘sing outside of the box’. John you’re the BEST! Now, could you clone yourself and send one of you down to Florida so I can have a ‘vocal technician’ here? THANKS!

-Sharon Wilbur
American Idol Season 8 L.A. Semi-Finalist
Currently Face of Fox 30

As an equity actor/singer, I had previously studied with various teachers in New York City, including one of the most famous voice teachers in the US. Yet I would get to a point where I could perform but as time went by I would be back to square one and bad habits would creep in again that would limit my range and stamina. After only a few months with John I found that his methods far surpassed those of any teacher with whom I had previously studied. He addressed those old habits so that I have been able to grow into a more powerful and professional vocalist. My speaking voice has also improved and I have been getting quite a bit of work even during the pandemic. I look forward to growing and continuing with John to be the best vocalist I can be. I highly recommend looking no further than John Nicholas Peters’ instruction. He has been kind, professional, and overall brought fun back into practicing and hard work.

--Blair Johnson,
AEA Actor, Singer, Voice-over specialist

At first I thought I could improve my voice to where I wanted it to be by working with vocal training CD's, videos, and books, but quickly realized that without a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher by my side to guide me along and show me proper technique I'd just be spinning my wheels.  I did some research on the top teachers in the area on-line and John Nicholas Peters stood out as the best fit for me.  His teaching philosophy and personality are a real breath of fresh air.  As a former guitar teacher for 7 years, I know how important the relationship between a student and teacher is and should be given much thought before signing up.

John's lessons are catered to each individual student and his expertise is extensive. You'll learn a lot from John and push your vocal limits beyond what you've ever imagined.  As an active professional singer, my performance schedule is demanding, requiring me to sing live with a band in front of an audience multiple times a week.  John's lessons and techniques helped build up my vocal stamina, allowing me to more comfortably perform consecutive shows, hit all my notes properly, and keep my voice in top shape.

He's also an extremely funny guy with a great sense of humor; lessons are a real treat and you'll look forward to working with him every time. After each lesson he makes you a CD of everything you worked on together, so it's really easy to practice your material on your own time and also listen back to older lessons and see your improvement. He genuinely cares about the progress and well-being of each student, and you can always feel free to call or email him with questions.  You're guaranteed to be satisfied with the results you'll get and you'll have a great time doing it too!

-Dan Jost

More than a teacher......

The first time I met John I must admit I was a little intimidated. I was a singer/songwriter that had never taken a vocal lesson in his life. I was a self-taught vocalist with horrible tension issues and even worse vocal habits. I also had a terrible lack of confidence in my vocal ability. After taking a few lessons from John and going through different vocal exercises to strengthen my voice and stretch my range, he admitted that he didn’t think he could help me. To this day I’m not sure if he really believed that or if he was just trying to get rid of me. Nonetheless the honesty that John put forward that day showed the integrity of a man who has every student’s best interest at heart. Well, John never got rid of me and I kept coming to his studio week after week and he never stopped exploring endless ways to get around the vocal challenges I presented him with. I’m grateful to say I studied with John for almost 8 years from the day he said he thought he couldn’t help me. John managed to adjust his teaching style to take advantage of the strengths I did have and not only transform my voice but build my confidence in the process. I continued to improve and breakdown walls with his unique personal vocal techniques. His professionalism and friendship has been invaluable to me as a person and artist. He’s been my harshest critic and biggest fan all at the same time.

-Shaun Moyer,
Singer, Songwriter

I’ve been a performing singer for most of my life. From childhood, I’ve been regularly involved in choirs and various theatrical productions, and for the last eight years, I’ve been singing lead vocals for bands in South Jersey (Unlikely Blue, 2012-2018; No Relation Band, 2018-present). I started studying voice with John about five years ago, when I began considering my musical passion as a viable way to supplement my income. At the time, I considered myself an amateur who was hoping to expand my range and refine my vocal technique, but the benefits I’ve reaped from studying with John have far exceeded my expectations! Within a month of beginning lessons, the members of my band noticed an improvement in my vocal range and ability, which gave me the confidence to more seriously consider pursuing music as a profession. Since then, I’ve been able to significantly reduce the hours I work at my “day job” and increase the frequency of performances with my band from twice a month to about three times per week! John is personable and professional, and the techniques I’ve learned from him have allowed me to discover vocal abilities I didn’t even know I had! My next professional aspiration is to make singing my full-time livelihood. I have no doubt that my ongoing work with John Nicholas Peters will be truly instrumental in helping me achieve that goal.

-Jacquie McMahon
lead vocalist for ‘No Relation Band’

I have been studying singing and performing extensively in Musical Theater in the Tri-State area for nearly 20 years, but learned more about the fundamentals of singing in my first six months studying with John Nicholas Peters than in all my previous years of study.  One of the first things I mentioned to John was that it had always been my dream to perform the title role in Jekyl & Hyde but that it was too high for me.  Well, in less than a year studying with him I performed the role to standing ovations at the Kelsey Theater. 

No matter your experience level, or the type of singing you do, he gets to the heart of vocal conditioning, strengthening and technique and rebuilds your voice.  He is genuinely concerned with your goals, and assembles a program to get you there and beyond.  Singing has become a new experience for me, and the reaction from my audiences and auditors has been tremendous!  He CAN bring you to that next level!

I sincerely thank him for all his help.

-Sean Downing
Singer and Actor

If you want to sing your best, John is your man. I have been performing professionally as a singer/guitarist since I was a teenager and was mostly self-taught as a singer. Singing was always something I just did to book gigs as I was always more interested in guitar. That changed when I got signed and was brought into a recording studio with a time crunch. Years of singing improperly for hours, multiple times a week had caused me to develop a lot of horrible habits, including holding a lot of tension in my neck. My producer found John and accompanied me to my first meeting. We explained I was rerecording the vocals for a project in which I had replaced the old singer and a lot of recording time was wasted on vocal technique problems. John convinced my producer to have me stop singing completely for a couple months and do only the regimen John would develop for me with the goal of breaking down and rebuilding my voice from the ground up. My producer agreed and we couldn't be happier with the results! After a couple of months under John's instruction I had a huge increase in power and more importantly, control of my voice. Since middle school I was told I was a baritone and I usually transposed songs way down to stay safe and comfortable, but John helped me pull out quite a few notes in my natural voice and really strengthened my falsetto, allowing me to match the tenor singer I was replacing. He helped me with my tension problems and drew my attention to how I was approaching vowel sounds and how it affected my tone and range. During our time together John and I built a good friendship and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about singing. If you want real results and are willing to do your homework, John Peters is the only way to go.

-Adam Cooper,
Singer, Songwriter

Dear John - I just wanted to let you know how glad I am to have met and worked with you. I now consider myself a 'singer'! and am in my closing weekend of Chicago at the Kensington Arts Theatre in the DC area.  The show has been great!  I am playing the role of Velma Kelly!  I never would have thought it possible a couple (yikes! Is it more like 3, now?) years ago when I studied with you, but it is a dream role.

Yes, we only studied together for a few months, but the technical skills and the calm (I used to be so anxious, insecure and judgmental about my voice!) that you instilled in me have always stayed in my back pocket.

For me, the most important thing was that you communicated to me in my language-in tangible terms and visuals I could see, hear and touch and therefore, understand.  To me, it was as though you trained me like a dancer; like an athlete.  Your showing me pictures of my vocal chords and diaphragm, your conversing with me about how everything worked and how to patiently and systematically train in order to strengthen and increase vocal agility; these things were infinitely more graspable that the usual, ethereal metaphors so many prior teachers had tried with me.  You gave me specific exercises to work specific muscle groups that I still use today.  Quite literally, I found my voice.

I came to realize practice/warm-up was not about looking or sounding good.  It was about systematically warming, stretching and strengthening in order to have all the mechanics and tools to apply to singing/acting a song.  My voice started working in ways I had only dreamed possible, and all of a sudden the repertoire of songs I could sing became broader. I began to really believe in myself and the idea that I would become a singer . . . finally.

For all that, I thank you.

-Erin McNerny
Actress, Singer, Dancer

Studying with John Nicholas Peters has been extremely rewarding. He has helped me learn what it really means to support the voice correctly. His lesson plans are catered to you personally, not random vocal exercises a teacher uses on everyone. He intuitively knows where to take you and where not to, and even though it might not make sense in the beginning, as it didn’t for me, I was surprised to find how my voice improved after only a week!

When I opened for Country Singer JoDee Messina I had more compliments about my voice than ever before, and I sold more CD’s because of it. He is practical and personal. He will take your creativity and raw talent and channel it to prepare you in becoming a professional singer. He is more than worth your time. A brilliant teacher and person. (And I am a very particular perfectionist!)

-Michelle Nagy
Barrymore Award-Winning Actress, Singer, Songwriter

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study voice with John.  I feel that I would not have achieved the same level of success as a singer/songwriter if I hadn’t. Not only is he a great professional, who helped me better understand my voice and improve my abilities as a singer, but also because we became good friends.  Thanks John for all your help!

-Anne Simoni
Triple A Artist of the Year Award
at the 20th Los Angeles Music Awards
First Place Award Winner, Third Place overall,
14th USA Songwriting Competition

John Nicholas Peters made it possible for me to make singing a real-life career. When I first met John, I was an amateur who could carry a tune, but as a result of his brilliant voice training method, I strengthened my voice, increased my range, and polished my technique. His teaching style is purely professional and is guaranteed to improve anyone’s vocal ability. I now run my own business as a professional singer and make a good living singing at casinos, formal parties, and restaurants. I don’t believe this would have been possible if I had never trained with John.

- Pete Cannella
Singer, Songwriter

The first lesson I had with John Nicholas Peters helped me realize my vocal potential almost immediately. I was surprised at how much my range increased within that initial hour and how I was instantly singing with more ease. What makes John different than most teachers is that he understands how to teach various styles of music which was important for me since my profession involves singing original Brazilian Jazz.

The personal and supportive attention that he is able to offer his students helps him serve a wide range of individual vocal approaches. John is very astute and has an intuitive way in which he handles his students that makes them immediately feel comfortable. His methodical and insightful approach personalizes each lesson and offers singers a program to develop life-lasting techniques that are very useful for optimal vocal performance.

-Patricia King Haddad
Vocalist, Pianist & Composer
Latest CD, Symphony in Bossa was among 51 entries out of 20,000 to be up for 3 Grammy nominations in 2015
Previous CD, Bossa Nova Day also indicated for three Grammy Nominations in 2011

I've studied with John Nicholas Peters for 2 years now and wish that I had found him sooner! So many teachers I had studied with before don't really understand the voice and just put you through the motions. John is the real deal if you are serious about singing.

I'm currently the lead singer in Almost Angels, performing at the Trump Taj in Atlantic City and following a grueling schedule which requires me to sing and dance through 3 one-hour shows 4 nights per week. I was looking for someone who could condition and improve my voice, increase stamina and reduce vocal fatigue. I'm so fortunate to have found John! My voice no longer feels strained by the end of the night or by the end of the week for that matter! I'm singing notes I never thought I could reach and have learned how to properly support my voice while dancing!

I really believe in John. He's a godsend to me and I'm looking forward to seeing even more improvement in my craft because of him.

Thanks so much John! Xoxo

- Gina Cannuscio
Singer, Dancer, Choreographer

I am Italian born and raised and I had been searching for a voice teacher there, especially during the two years that I lived in Milan but was unable to find one with an effective method. Most of them basically seemed to have little specific knowledge of vocal training. I moved to the US in 2015 and wanted a teacher who could help me improve my voice, teach me correct singing techniques and increase my stamina.

Finally here in Philadelphia I found John, THE voice teacher and thanks to him I am achieving all of my goals. John is a true passionate expert and very knowledgeable. His method (that is also comprised of a voice building technique) is the fastest and the easiest way for you to get the results you want. I do not trust anyone else but him with my voice: After only 3 months of lessons with him I feel like I have grown a third lung! It’s amazing! Grazie Giovanni!

-Giada J.
Singer, Songwriter

I have been performing for over ten years - rock bands, party bands, originals, covers - I can almost say I’ve done it all and sung at almost every type of venue. I began studying with John about four years ago. When I started, I expected to maybe pick up a few pointers on how to breathe more efficiently and hit notes with a bit more strength (as that is all I learned from a previous vocal instructor). Today, I am amazed at how much he literally transformed me as a singer. I had no idea what I was capable of until studying with him. I began taking lessons as a rock singer but through John’s positive reinforcement and drive to push my voice to its fullest potential, I discovered that I actually have the vocal range of an operatic soprano! We decided to exploit that and made an unprecedented switch from rock singing to opera singing and I am absolutely loving it. Incorporating both aspects of singing into my band’s music has given us a really unique sound that we would not have had otherwise. There is no better vocal instructor than John Nicholas Peters!

-Aubrey Johnson
Lead Vocalist – Cast in Chaos

Morgan Kaiser Studying with John has been beneficial not only to my voice but to my confidence as well. I always knew I could sing, but not until I began working with John did I realize my full potential. He opened my eyes to what a great instrument I have and helped me to build upon it. He expanded my range and strengthened my voice so that now I can sing with much more power. I never thought I would have the confidence to sing onstage in front of people… But John really helped me to come out of my shell and realize I had a gift that I just couldn’t keep to myself. I will always be grateful to John!

-Morgan Kaiser
Winner, Top Female Vocalist,

2008 New York City International Modeling Talent Association Convention
Winner, NBC 10 Six Flags Singing Sensation Contest

In my lifetime of singing, I have had several different voice teachers who have imparted differing amounts of actual useful information. John Nicholas Peters is my most recent teacher and quite simply, the best. I have not been a consistent student since I first came to him about five years ago, but what I have learned from him has effectively been integrated into what I do naturally as a singer. I no longer need to do certain exercises because after doing them for a while, I have intuitively absorbed the principles so that I no longer need to. This is, of course, the best possible outcome of vocal study.

I recently went back to John for a lesson for the first time in about two years to prepare for a big audition. During the course of the lesson, one of his most memorable comments was when he complimented me by saying “the voice I’m hearing now is not the voice I remember.” I attribute this to the fact that the exercises paid off and are now a part of my natural voice. I was extremely proud of how I sounded, how confident I was, and how much I was able to incorporate into the audition despite the fact that it was only 48 hours after the lesson.

I sing both classically in a large choral setting and in a rock band and the principles I have learned and integrated are invaluable in either instance. I highly recommend John to anyone seeking true vocal advancement which will ultimately be a firm part of their natural voice. That indeed is the best proof of time well spent.

-Bianca Lindblad
Singer, Songwriter

I didn't grow up singing. I wasn't born with a "natural voice." As a matter of fact, I really couldn't sing well at all...until I met John Nicholas Peters. Before taking lessons with John, my throat hurt when I sang and I was perpetually flat. I had no vibrato at all and I didn't have much range. At my first lesson, John told me I was singing at 10% of my potential. The process doesn't happen overnight. I can't say that 3 weeks later I sang at 80% of my potential or even 50%. It takes time and practice. But put in time and practice, and with John your voice will improve. Guaranteed. Within a year of lessons, I started playing gigs for the first time and was actually complimented on my "amazing voice". That was just the beginning. Two years into lessons I recorded an album and less than three years after starting with John, I went on a national tour, playing over 85 shows in 8 months, often 4 X's a week...and my voice felt great. It's been over a year since I had a lesson with John, but I still do my lesson tapes and my voice is holding up well. I even got a big compliment from John himself at my CD release party last year saying that my voice has gone to new levels. That I continue to improve even though I am no longer taking lessons is, I believe, the greatest proof of his skill as a vocal technician. I'm still truckin' along as a singer-songwriter, playing gigs frequently and my second album will be out this fall. Singing didn't come naturally to me. And now it's the biggest part of my life. It wasn't luck, it was John.

-Robyn Harris
San Jose, California
July, 2006

George Bilalis performing in concert with composer Stamatis Spanoudakis at the Herod Attikus Theater as part of the Athens Festival’s 2002 Season.
You opened my eyes about voice and my professional development. Thank you for all the support in bringing my musical goals to excellence.

-George Bilalis
Director, The Romeiko Ensemble

John, I wanted to let you know that I'm happily seeing a BIG difference in my voice, both in pop singing and legit singing. Breath control is improving. I'm more frequently able to get my voice in that forward placement, particularly after doing the exercises. When it locks in that place, it feels so free and easy to negotiate the voice up and down and all around. Last night I had a gig where I decided to sing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miz. Haven't done it in ages and was never completely satisfied with my delivery of it. It was just the best I've ever done it. Chest voice and blend were all right there at my disposal. I love my new found sexy low notes, too. Being a soprano, I've always had the problem that if I sing several very high songs, (classical or pop diva type songs) and then try to sing low, the low notes disappear. Now with your great exercises for strengthening the lower range, that problem is virtually eliminated. I can deliver a jazz tune much more effectively. Thanks so much for all your help.

-Maria Damore
Singer, actress, voice teacher

To Whom it may Concern:

I am a Yoga teacher and practitioner, and a certified personal trainer. My work includes physical training, breathwork, and body awareness. Little did I know that I would learn much more about body awareness and breathing after studying voice with John Nicholas Peters.

I studied with John for approximately five years in the early 2000’s and from the start, it was obvious that he knows and is capable of teaching almost anyone how to sing. I'd taken lessons with other voice teachers prior to studying with John and none of them were able to teach me how to sing; ie., they didn't help me learn the mechanics of breathing, muscle use, relaxation and voice working together to produce a singing voice. With my prior teachers, it was just about singing as well as I could, using my already existing voice without any improvement to it. In contrast, John has given me many useful exercises which have educated my singing muscles and mind and have put them more in touch with each other in order for me to sing properly. He has a keen understanding of the steps necessary for any person to learn to sing and it has been so exciting to experience how his process has improved my singing tremendously.

The exercises John gave me not only helped my singing voice, but also my speaking voice. Over time, I found myself speaking more clearly, effortlessly and authentically. It was as if my true voice had been hidden or covered up by tension and overuse of unnecessary muscles. What a joy and release it has been to discover what was underneath that tension!

What also surprised and excited me was experiencing how his techniques actually enhanced my yoga practice! John made me aware of a deeper level of yogic breathing and I found my yoga getting deeper and more relaxed. As time has passed, training my voice has helped my yoga and vice versa. I have passed on many of the exercises and techniques John taught me to my own students and clients.

Finally, John's personality enhances his teaching. His sense of humour and open minded attitude contribute to his already well-rounded, scientific and effective approach to voice training. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn to sing joyfully and expressively take lessons with John Nicholas Peters. As cliche as it sounds, it's true that my lessons with John have changed and enhanced my life significantly. I feel so grateful to have found him and I look forward to continuing to grow and train my voice with him.

- Heather Marie Miller
May 24, 2002

"I can't thank you enough for giving me new confidence in my talent and voice".

-Ronica Licciardello
Miss Philadelphia, 2005
1st Runner-Up, Miss New Jersey 2007

I began training voice with John in 1997 and the things he taught me then still serve me very well today. With his help, I extended my range, learned to project and developed a head voice. (In non-singer's terms, he built me a foundation that would later help me sing professionally). John was also fundamental in helping me polish and heighten my own original style which I feel demonstrated a high level of skill on his part.

Wishing to resume my vocal training after years of leading bands, I returned to pursue my graduate degree at the University of Southern California in LA, where I now live, with a minor in voice and composition and my voice teacher there said, "I don't want to touch your voice!" I would have saved a lot of money if I was still in Philadelphia and seeing John every week. He's in tune with a diverse range of styles and practical and effective about building them.

I now perform an original one-woman, knife-juggling musical around the world. I practically sing nonstop for an hour. None of it would be possible without John.

-Melissa Kaplan
"Daggers MacKenzie"
Los Angeles 2015

John is a world-class singer, a brilliant teacher and a "technician" of the voice in every sense of the word. But none of that would have made me the professional singer I am today if it wasn't for his extraordinary patience.

As a teenager I was a terrible daydreamer. I had learned to play the guitar very well with few lessons, but after shouting and snarling along to my favorite songs I soon found out that I couldn't con my way out of being a poor singer. I decided to take a chance on finding a vocal coach and fortunately ended up with John. The first few months of lessons focused on basic voice building and I saw improvement almost immediately. Once John was onto my issues with focus and self-discipline he began to tighten the reigns on my lessons, doing everything he could to keep me in line and teach me. I gave him a rough time but despite my antics and distractibility, John continued to work at building my tone, vibrato, style and vocal clarity. At times he seemed more dedicated to my voice than I was, but he knew I wanted to sing well and cared very much that I got my voice where I wanted it to be. And somehow, John eventually turned the girl who always had trouble concentrating on her voice lessons into a singer.Once I graduated from high school I would visit John for lessons on break from college in Boston. I have since moved to Los Angeles and it's been 5 years since my weekly lessons with John but I'm proud to say my voice is holding up nicely. I have worked as a lead and back-up singer in venues across the country, and now I'm pursuing musical opportunities in Hollywood with a strong vocal punch that has gotten my foot in several doors. These days I'm so excited about my career I can't help but stay focused. And despite my travels on both sides of the country, I have yet to find another voice teacher who has the same knowledge of vocal training as John. I now have to fly to Philadelphia from LA for tune-up lessons with John in preparation for auditions.

-Melissa Kaplan
Los Angeles
September, 2005

"I am not a professional singer, but I love music. I am a psychotherapist with a private practice in Northfield, New Jersey near Atlantic City. I play piano and guitar but my stage was always my living room and I was seeking the tools and confidence to be able to move out of my home and be able to perform in front of others. Fortunately, I found John Nicholas Peters to guide me in that. Working with John over the last year has been a remarkable experience. Not only has he helped to improve my singing voice, he has been instrumental in developing my speaking voice. John's approach encompasses far more than his mastery of teaching the technical aspects of building a voice: He truly understands the myriad psychological factors that are intrinsic to singing and performing. Lessons are specifically designed with an understanding of the individual student’s psychological and physical strengths and weaknesses. John has been encouraging, honest, and refreshingly realistic about what I am capable of achieving. Voice lessons with John have been fun and challenging. He pushes the individual through the self-doubt that can occur with learning how to sing. He has pushed me without being overbearing and the hard work has paid off! I have received many positive comments from my friends about how my singing voice has improved. I now find that I am able to walk into a new situation, be it personal, professional or even onto the stage of the local coffee house with increased self-confidence and ease. Thank you, John for your helping me find my true voice! "

-Laura Janis Huberman, LCSW

"When I first met John Nicholas Peters I thought I could sing a little, since I had sung in church choirs, school choirs, university chorus and madrigals.  However, John showed me the difference between sounding some pretty notes and singing well.  He is a master teacher, equipped with an abundant knowledge of vocal production and a blessed ability to work with an individual's particular vocal needs.  I recommend him highly to anyone, young or old, especially those in the performing arts who have the desire to sing and sing well.  A consummate professional, his lessons are engaging, worthwhile and fun."

-Nancy Ellis
Professor of Speech & Drama, Fine Arts Department, Rutgers University, Camden

John has been my vocal coach for the past four years and he has given me the tools I need to be a professional singer (I sing and play bass/guitar in a band called The Approach on the local Philly/Jersey scene, and previously played lead guitar and vocals in the band Wirth.  I am one of four members of this band whom John has taught).  When I first went to John, I could already sing to some degree with good pitch, but I had no knowledge of the actual mechanics of singing.  John analyzed my technique (or lack thereof) and quickly found ways to address my weaknesses.  Over time he has helped me build vibrato, expand my range, gain better breath control, and strengthen my falsetto.  I couldn't have done any of it without him.

If you're already a relatively proficient or advanced vocalist, he still can help shape and define your technique and style.  John has been teaching for more than 22 years and is fluent in many styles of singing.  Plus, John is a very talented singer and performer in his own right, so he understands the physical rigors of stage performance.  And, on top of all that, he also happens to be a very nice guy.

All in all, I don't think you will find a better voice instructor than John. 

-Jay Campbell
July, 2006

Like many singers, I have had many teachers along the way.  For the most part, these teachers heard what voice already existed and tried to put some icing on it, fix it up a bit, telling me vague things to do with my mouth or the back of the throat.  If things sounded better, it always seemed to be luck or persistence. Now I am fortunate to have found a teacher, John Nicholas Peters, who has solid technical knowledge and precise techniques of imparting that knowledge so that I am improving my vocal technique beyond what I ever thought possible. John Peters has the analytical skill to work with individual differences and talents.  He teaches, motivates and encourages with patience and humor. I happily nominate my teacher, John Nicholas Peters, for the award of Classical Singer Teacher of the Year because he excels at blending superb knowledge of vocal technique with fine teaching techniques.
Studying with John Peters has been the most rewarding thing I have done for myself in many years. Having committed to this journey of getting the voice I was meant to have, I was lucky to find this gifted teacher who makes the learning experience productive, fun and rewarding. Under his guidance, I work very hard, experiencing my voice and body in new and sometimes strange ways. We are both intensely involved as he guides me with every one of my developing skills. He conveys his technique in a highly individualized manner. Every lesson is structured to provide what my voice needs that particular week. That I have not been overwhelmed with details is proof that John Peters has worked long to develop and reinforce vocal exercises that lead to desired results sequentially.
I hope to work with John Peters for however long it takes to reach my full vocal potential. The lessons are intensely rewarding. I am free to fail in his presence, can laugh with him, and enjoy amazing results. Because learning classical technique can be very difficult, I am glad that John Peters is guiding my efforts. Other students are equally enthralled as is apparent in the numerous testimonials on his web page. He is most deserving of this award.

-Annabel Lee Grote, M.S., M.A.
Rydal, PA

March 25, 2004

When giving presentations and speeches became a more and more important part of my work and I found that my speaking voice was lacking in strength and confidence, it was suggested to me that a voice teacher would be able to improve my public speaking skills. As soon as I began studying with John Nicholas Peters, he developed a customized program for me and through the vocal exercises he prescribed, my voice strengthened considerably and I learned to project my voice much more effectively. In addition, I practiced my speeches with him and he gave me a variety of effective techniques which helped me become a much more engaging and powerful speaker. Since I began studying with John eight months ago, I have provided training to more than 250 of my co-workers, addressed the Board of Directors of our public company, taught a college class, and won several awards in public speaking competitions.  I recommend John highly to those looking to improve their public speaking skills.

-Gerard Chamberlain, Attorney at Law
June 2006

I have been singing since I was a small child.  I had a full Opera Scholarship to the University of Mississippi and finished my musical studies at Berklee College of Music with a Degree in Music Therapy.  I have had many great vocal teachers over the years, but none can hold a candle to John Nicholas Peters.

I have to admit, at first I felt really strange doing his vocal exercises that had me sounding alternately like a snake, a witch and a crying baby.  I soon realized, however, that the exercises were changing my voice in wonderful and impossible ways. I used to become vocally fatigued at the end of a day's work, but his techniques, advice and guidance made singing at work a breeze.  He even gave me the confidence to sing a 'heavy metal' tune for my audition to the Music Therapy Masters Program at Temple University.  As for the other show tune I sang, one of the professors asked if it was a Linda Eder song and I could have fainted.  Of course, I was accepted. 

John knows more about the human voice and how it works than most ENT doctors.  His innovative techniques finely tune everything:  vibrato, intonation, breathing and range to name a few.  I am still astonished at the extent to which he understands virtually every style of singing there is and how he has developed exercises and techniques to accomplish the specific goals of each student.  He hears problems and difficulties in students' singing and automatically knows how to fix them.  I always hated the 'break' I thought I had in my voice but he explained to me that this was just an illusion and a few weeks after I began lessons, it was gone.  In all the years I had studied singing, no other teacher had been able to do that.

I appreciate his honesty, patience in working out problems, his knowledge and experience.  He doesn't just teach students to sing, he makes them better overall musicians.  John considers each student as a whole person, vocalist and performer, not just a singer coming in for lessons.  He genuinely cares and that is a rare thing. 

I hated moving from the Philadelphia area because I will never find another teacher like him, not even in Nashville!  Sadly, I have contracted Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome and may never sing again.  Now, he has become my healer.  I cannot thank him enough for working with me and Dr. Larry Sharp in Fort Worth, Texas, to develop breath holding exercises that will make me better.  I never knew that breathing exercises could actually change body chemistry and actually do a better job at it than available medicines.  Amazing.  

John may have heard improvement in my voice from week to week, but he will never know the depth to which he helped me as a person and musician. 

-Elizabeth Driver, MT-BC
LaVergne, TN

February 15, 2004

Dear John,

Three years ago I came to you for voice lessons believing I had a good voice and that a little refining was all that was needed. It was a surprise to find that, after your evaluation, I could barely get to a middle E, without vibrato or resonance. It has been a trying road and several times I have felt like quitting. However, I persevered and the effort has paid off and, with your encouragement and truck-loads of techniques, I am now able to sing. I have been able to increase my upper range by four full notes and my lower range by a few more; I am able to use vibrato in most of my range. As things continue evolving, who knows, I may be able to reach a high C! I also want to thank you very much for all the help you have given to the patients I have referred to you for voice lessons. Your compassion, patience and understanding of psychological aspects of learning have permitted the growth and developement of our voices and improved our confidence and assertiveness not only in our singing, but also in our performing, public speaking and private lives. Thank you so much.

-Bernardo A Merizalde, M.D.
July 8, 2003

This letter is written in recommendation of Mr. John Nicholas Peters, a superb voice teacher whom I had the good fortune to study with for only a brief period of time, but whose amazingly effective method has served my voice constantly ever since.

I chant professionally at a Greek-Orthodox church in the New York area. This genre of singing is, at times, extremely taxing to the voice because the chanter is often required to sing for long periods of time (sometimes 20 minutes of continuous singing) during rather long liturgies which can last for hours. It is especially taxing during the holy week, when I have to sing every night.

Prior to studying with John, I often suffered from lack of stamina when chanting, especially during Holy week. By Friday evening my voice would be feeling really fatigued, so that by Sunday I was barely able to get by. But thanks to the exercises which John gave me for alleviating tension in the root of my tongue, I am now able to breeze through holy week and any other singing commitments I may have with no trace of vocal fatigue. These exercises also increased my range and general vocal quality. Last Easter we had a guest chanter from Greece with a high voice with whom I was obliged to sing. Much to my surprise, I was able to match him despite the fact that he was chanting in a much higher key than I was accustomed to.

What amazes me the most about John's teaching is how effective it is even though I was only able to take a few lessons. And the exercises are quite easy to do and take just a few minutes. I usually do them in the car on the way home from work! Imagine what John can do with a student who studies with him for a longer period of time. I certainly wish I had that opportunity.

-Takis Fotinis
February 2, 2003

Dear John,

Thank you so much for enabling me to learn so very much in such a short period of time. I came to you not as a television reporter, but as a person wanting to learn how to sing for the very first time. I learned so much more.

You not only taught me how to strengthen my voice, which is an important part of my job, but you also taught me how the spirit, mind and body are connected in the voice. Almost everybody can sing. Some are just better than others.

I appreciated your honesty, your constructive criticism, your intuition, your talent, your professionalism and your knowledge. More importantly, you took a personal interest in my progress and in my goals. Even though I eventually decided that I could not devote the kind of practice time required to continually improve, I gave it a try. I walked away from each lesson having learned something. Learning to sing was one of my greatest fears. You helped me to overcome that. That was worth every penny.

For anyone else who is considering voice lessons from the novice to the more advanced singer, I will always recommend you as an exceptional teacher.

-Cathy Matusiak
Reporter, "Good Day Philadelphia"

August 20, 1997

This letter is written in recommendation of John Peters of Philadelphia as a superlative voice teacher and vocal coach.

I have worked with three different voice teachers over the last 15 years and have done extensive chorale work with several excellent choirs, notably the Duke University Chorale (Carnegie Hall debut March 1976, Poulenc, Stabat Mater) as well as solo performances in many productions, musicals and opera workshops.

Although not a professional musician, I have considerable experience working with professionals and can say that John Peter's knowledge and ability in regards to singing and vocal technique are outstanding. What's more, he has an amazing talent for being able to teach others. I do not live in the Philadelphia area and must fly up to study with Mr. Peters when I can. In the few lessons I have had with him, he has taught me more about breath control and diaphragm support, truly the foundation of any proper vocal technique, than all three of my previous teachers combined. His teaching style is focused, rigorous, and intense; there is no time wasted. My only regret is that I don't live near Philadelphia so that I might study with him on a regular basis.

I recommend John Peters unreservedly as an excellent voice teacher.

-Constantine Kokenes, MD
January 1996

It is with great pleasure that we recommend John Nicholas Peters as a first-class vocal instructor whose revolutionary methods have brought results to our voices that are truly remarkable. We began studying with John in the Spring of 1991 with very limited vocal abilities and no idea of vocal technique, despite our previous training with a highly reputable voice instructor. In just two and a half years John made us competitive with the best talent we encounter as we pursue our careers in musical theater.

John was very attentive to our specific needs as individuals, and was able to pinpoint problems and strengths unique to each of us; this showed extraordinary perception and was instrumental to our growth as singers because we are identical twins and have very similar voices. We both had very limited chest ranges which he expanded to over two octaves. Karen had severe problems with her falsetto which John fixed so that now we can both sing in either chest or falsetto and pass between the two with ease and confidence. He gave us numerous exercises to increase brilliance and power and perhaps most significantly of all, strengthened and tuned our vibratos and trained us in specific technical terms to control vibrato and thereby fully support our voices. We have yet to find another so-called voice teacher who even knows how vibrato works. Although we are both very slim and have limited lung capacity, we now have the sustaining power we need to sing any song in the repertoire.

Since moving to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts we have not encountered anyone who comes even close to having John's knowledge of singing and training the voice. There is no one we would trust more with our voices.

-Kelly & Karen Moulton
January 1994

I have had many singing teachers in my lifetime, but without John Peters as my present vocal coach, I would not be able to sing twenty five songs a night, as a part time professional singer.

John taught me how to sing my high notes using my abdominal muscles properly, which no other singing teacher ever did before. He also showed me how to breathe correctly so that I have enough air to sing long phrases without having to take a breath.

I was born with a quivering vibrato that was very erratic and John was the only teacher who even recognized the problem. Today my vibrato is much smoother, and more pleasing to the ear. He also improved the strength of my vocal chords and the quality of my low notes which I could only croon before.

I sing many different kinds of songs, from rock to swing and romantic ballads. He has taught me how to handle all these varied types of music. At the present time of this writing, I am fifty five years old and my voice is stronger , sweeter, and better sounding than when I was much younger, and I have been singing since I was four years old. I owe all this to John Nicholas Peters, my vocal instructor of the past two years.

-Dr. Murray C. Tanz
September 19, 1993

I strongly recommend John Nicholas Peters as a vocal instructor of the highest caliber. His teaching method is exceptionally effective. From the start, with each lesson, I saw dramatic improvement in my voice.

John has tremendous knowledge of corrective techniques for the voice, but perhaps more impressive is his ability to tailor his approach to the needs and abilities of the student. I am a professional rock/pop vocalist, and had studied with a number of teachers before meeting John. But John was unique in first fully evaluating the student, and then addressing the defects of the pupil, while acknowledging the pupils' natural (or previously learned) strengths. The other voice teachers I have encountered all appeared to have one preset curriculum for everybody. This meant a student could study for (literally) years before finally encountering the techniques to optimize their particular voice. Conversely, John is well aware that each persons' body is different, and has sufficient depth of knowledge to address specific problems very effectively.

Moreover, when I had reached the stage where my voice was quite adequate for all my professional needs, John was the one who suggested I no longer needed lessons. This sort of honesty is, I believe quite rare.

In closing, I believe that I can recommend John to any prospective student, regardless of their level of experience.

-Rashad Sadat
November 6, 1993